Show Notes

The Steak for Breakfast Podcast was on the road and on location this past weekend in Anaheim, CA. After accepting an awesome invite from none other than Clay Clark, we made the trip up the coast as media participants in the “Reawaken America Tour.” To explain this experience in text does not give it justice. Within a mile of the event you immediately get Trump Rally vibes, with flags and banners everywhere and the patrons dressed in Red White & Blue. But, to experience an event like this allows you to learn quickly that’s it’s a whole lot more. The “Reawaken America Tour”  is a revival event that encompasses all of the truth in politics, medical awareness, and the spiritual center of it all. With speakers that included Bobby Kennedy Jr, Mike Lindell and General Flynn- just to name a few…. we were humbly welcomed into the mix and enjoyed all that was included in a VIP media participant experience. Whether we were few feet away from, shaking hands with in passing, or sitting down to interview the speakers that Clay Clarke put together for this event, we tried to box the experience for you this weekend the only way we know how: real questions, real audio, real issues and of course our comedic commentary. It’s pretty safe to say that we were well received, and found out so much information to bring you all and had an absolute blast. We hope that you enjoy this special two part edition of the Steak for Breakfast Podcast.

Day 1 Links: 

General Michael Flynn
Bishop Daniel Luis Nevajas • Ending Abortion 
Mike Miller • 
Lori Gregory / Andy Wakefield •
Dr. Gershom Sikaala •
Ian Smith • 
Dr. Leon Benjamin •
Dr. Richard Bartlett • 
Gen Ho •
Derrick Gates • 
Stella Immanuel • 
Bri • Navy Whistleblower
Chirs Bennett • 
Leigh Dundas •