Show Notes

On today’s episode of the Steak for Breakfast Podcast, we sat down with Businessman, Entrepreneur and 2024 GOP Primary Candidate Perry Johnson for an exclusive 1:1 interview.


  • Throughout the course of the podcast, Perry Johnson takes us through some highlights regarding his family, political views and successful business ventures including his 40k donor benchmark being met for the first GOP Debate


  • We discuss many of the pivotal election-related issues, touching on the economy, energy production, foreign policy, the border crisis, the current state of the U.S. Education system and more


  • We closeout the interview with a throwback edition of “Top 3, Top 1’s”


Guests: In Order of Appearance


  • All profile handles are for Twitter


Perry Johnson (@PJQualityGuru) Businessman, 2024 Republican Presidential Primary Candidate






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