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The Steak for Breakfast Podcast is back after celebrating the Christmas holiday with a HUGE, America First agenda-themed, Tuesday edition of the show that’s guaranteed to get you back into the spirit of Saving America.

The host of RSBN’s “Red White & Truth” Mike Crispi is back for guest hosting duties today and it’s always a blast when he jumps on the show and brings that fire you can only get from an episode of his hit show on RSBN.


We jump into the news and go back over the Christmas holiday with memorable moments made courtesy of a Joe Biden gaff, and some not so great notables made by Candice Owens regarding the Trump and vaccine push talking point.


Our first guest today is running for a House seat in NY-10, Andrew McCarthy. Andrew gave us a perspective into his campaign, his America First agenda (how it applies to the blue collar portion of NY he’s aiming to represent) and some real insight to how he sees the incoming red wave matching up against the Deep State come November.


Jake Evans running in GA-6 jumps in with us next and introduces the Steak listenership to his campaign in the Peach State. Jake gives some insight into what his platform is all about, and ties a lot of the strings together regarding some of the biggest issues that are facing the Nation are and how’s he’s platformed them into his America First campaign.


After “Merry Deathmas” was highlighted by Joe Biden last week, we follow up with “and a covid  New Year” segment that examines the week that was in the fading pandemic narrative. And we wrap the news portion of the show taking a look in the recent Kamala Harris interview and some commentary from her new teacher, Hillary Clinton.


Bianca Gracia, running in TX-11 spends the final segment of the show today. Bianca tells of her long, detailed history of working among the SW Border, her community outreach with Latinos all over the state of Texas and her work in community organizing which includes extensive work with churches as well. It’s quite a testimonial to hear how the best candidate coming out of Southwest Texas is doing so on an America First agenda, while standing up to the establishment GOP.


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