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After a busy weekend we’re back with an all new Tuesday edition of the Steak for Breakfast Podcast. Fresh off the Trump Save America Rally in Perris, GA we’ve got Geisha Montes on with us to get an update from NYC and breakdown the rally highlights. Then jumping into the studio for his first appearance on the show is Kyle Becker of Kyle Becker News. The former Fox News writer and associate producer wades right into with us, as we cover the results of the Maricopa County Audit and where we hypothetically go from here. Next, we dive into a Administration mega-mix discussing what’s going on down on the Southern Border with a Christopher Wallace spin, Biden’s free-falling poll numbers, especially amongst independents, where the federal government goes in a few days without a budget and the continuing distraction that is the covid narrative whilst the world continues to burn. It was awesome finally connecting with Kyle this week and we look forward to him joining the show on a more consistent basis. Subscribe to the show and don’t forget to rate Steak for Breakfast before leaving us a review. And of course, please listen, like, comment & SHARE our content!!!


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