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It’s a Steak for Breakfast, Friday edition and we’re in a BOOMs week so enjoy the ride! We’re joined first by Utah Congressional candidate (UT-3) Jason Preston. We discuss the story behind his placement into the political arena and then touch on his America First agenda views towards the 2020 election, crisis on the southern border and the looming CR that’s needed to continue running the government into October. Then, Esther Valdes Clayton (Lawyer and Immigration Specialist) jumps on to continue the breakdown of the crisis on the southern border, in addition to looking into the broken immigration system the federal vaccine mandate. We’re then joined by our guest cohost, Prince Alex Stein, the host of Conspiracy Castle. We have some extended dialog while covering the late-breaking Maricopa Audit Results, the southwest border crisis and a few more BOOMs to send us into the weekend. Subscribe to the show and don’t forget to rate Steak for Breakfast before leaving us a review. And of course, please listen, like, comment & SHARE our content!!!


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