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It’s Tuesday and we're coming in hot with an all new episode of Steak for Breakfast. Our listenership's all-time favorite guest, Noor Bin Ladin is back today to help us break down the week that was. We start off catching up with Noor and whats been going on in her life after a brief hiatus before touching on the Justice for Jan. 6th narrative. The Southwest Border & Crisis in Del Río, Texas is our first agenda item and we give all-encompassing look into what’s really going on down there. As the administration continues to push the covid narrative we examine the Veritas drop, where did the 6 ft. distancing rule even come from and BidAn speaks about building back better at the United Nations General Assembly. We Stop the Steal after that, looking into the updates from AZ, PA, GA & MI before talking about the importance of the BOOMS week we’re currently experiencing. Subscribe to the show and don’t forget to rate Steak for Breakfast before leaving us a review. And of course, please listen, like, comment & SHARE our content!!!


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