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We are back with an oversized Friday edition of the Steak for Breakfast Podcast. We start off today’s shows with One America News Networks Christina Bobb and jump right into Stop the Steal. We cover AZ, GA, PA & WI before doing a little for forecasting of the Maricopa audit results due out next Friday. Hanna Kirkpatrick then circles back assuming cohost duties and we cover a massive amount of news stories breaking all over the world. Finishing up the Tony Blinken senate hearings and how it bled right into the developments regarding General Milley essentially running a coup with Nancy Pelosi and the CPP against President Trump last year. South Carolina senate candidate Tim Swain then jumps on the show to talk about his campaign heading into primary season. Joe Biden and Ron DeSantis continue to trade barbs over the covid narrative, this time over monoclonal treatment distribution. Spears Team 6 adds a new member as Nicki Minaj is activated, before we touch briefly on indictment #1 in our “Nothing Can Stop What is Durham” segment. Subscribe to the show and don’t forget to rate Steak for Breakfast before leaving us a review. And of course, please listen, like, comment & SHARE our content!!!


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