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Ladies and gentlemen this is the episode of Steak that you’ve been waiting for. We start off this Tuesday edition of Steak for Breakfast with some: Stop the Steal with none other than one of the centerpieces of the movement: Seth Keshel. We get an overall narrative of the 20202 election and audit season before jumping specifically into AZ, GA and PA. We’re then joined by our guest co-host, Gabrielle Fox who brought some absolute fire for the rest of the show. We do a blanket canvass of the 9/11 weekend, the continued narrative that the cabal is pushing regarding domestic terrorism and how much Trump was winning all weekend. We take a dive into Spears Team 6 with the activation of Rose McGowen & Nicki Minaj before closing up the show with some some Covid Roundup. Subscribe to the show and don’t forget to rate Steak for Breakfast before leaving us a review. And of course, please listen, like, comment & SHARE our content!!!


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