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It’s been a crazy week and Steak for Breakfast is back with our Friday edition to catch you all up going into the weekend. Joining us today is former TX - 31 candidate, scholar, historian business leader, public speaker & mentor: Jeremy Bravo and he did NOT disappoint. We jump right into dissecting the dystopian Joe BidAn speech from yesterday where he basically mandated jabs and masks for everyone coast to coast. After that we discuss all the new findings linking Dr. Fauci to not only gain of function research, but to the origins of covid-19 and the Wuhan Lab. We briefly breakdown the humorous Trump and Greg Gutfeld interview on Fox News, and of course all the developments in AZ, PA & WI during our Stop the Steal segment. Subscribe to the show; Listen, Like, Follow, Rate and comment before you SHARE our content! 


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