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Fresh off of Labor Day weekend we back with a brand new Tuesday edition of Steak for Breakfast. We are joined first by RSBN commentator and host of the Red White and Truth: Mike Crispi. We jump right into the Afghanistan narrative and the developing situation there with the formation of the Taliban centralized government and the six planes full of evacuees stranded on the tarmac by the U.S. State Department. We then examine the Lazarus Effect in Libya recently with the optical resurrection of two of Gaddafi’s sons. The Fit Patriette, Kayla Michelle jumps on with us to break down Stop the Steal and her insight to the spiritual warfare we are facing every day in this movement. And Antoinette and Noah give commentary on our Covid Roundup segment to finish up the show. Subscribe to the show; Listen, Like, Follow, Rate and comment before you SHARE our content! 


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