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We’re coming in hot with a fresh, new Tuesday edition of Steak for Breakfast. This week we jump right into the critical issues effecting our nation with former top Trump strategist, America First political consultant and the executive director of Mr. Matt Braynard. We quickly learn that there isn’t an important issue that Matt isn’t involved in at the moment. From: Stop the Steal and election integrity to community organizing and vetting America First political candidates, from justice for the political prisoners stemming from January 6th and more, Matt is involved in it all and giving us some exclusive insight on just what is going on surrounding all those issues. The pod squad then jumps directly into the news with commentary in true Steak fashion. This weeks hot sheet includes: The Alabama Trump Rally, the disaster in Afghanistan, the FDA approval of the Pfizer vaccine and what it means initially, Stop the Steal and a whole lot more. Subscribe to the show; Listen, Like, Follow, Rate and comment before you SHARE our content! 


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