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It’s Friday and that means it’s time for our end of the week edition of Steak for Breakfast. We’re joined this week by a triad of guests; we get things rolling with combat veteran, Purple Heart recipient and PA-8 Congressional candidate, Teddy Daniels. We then head down to examine the crisis on the Southwest Border with Daily Caller journalist and frontline reporter, Jorge Ventura. We’re then joined by James, one of the hosts from the: We the People Radio Podcast to break down the week that was. Starting off by taking a look at the disaster that has become of the situation in Afghanistan as the Talibros have seized absolute power of the country. We then jump to the current state of the BidAn administration, including some pretty damning poll numbers to say the least. We bring it on home with our Stop the Steal segment, and cast a larger spotlight on what’s really going down in the Keystone State. Subscribe to the show; Listen, Like, Follow, Rate and comment before you SHARE our content! 


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