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It’s a new week and that means a brand new Steak for Breakfast Podcast. We’re joined this week by one of our favorite Influencers / Truthers / and overall bringers of News, the one and only Wqnder Wqman. We jump right in the news of the week to add commentary and insight on all the hot topics that include: A new DHS advisory outlining that Patriots may be cast as potential domestic terror threats for speaking out about the 2020 Presidential Election, mask mandates, and the vaccine. We then segway to the current, occupying administrations handling (or lack thereof) of the Afghanistan pullout and the return of the Talibros. You’ll hear from Alex Jones and General Flynn before we get into Stop the Steal and we’ll round up the show with President Trump on Gorka and Larry Elder deep-diving into the “rigged and stolen” election narrative on Grant Stinchfields AM radio show. Subscribe to the show; Listen, Like, Follow, Rate and comment before you SHARE our content! 


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