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As we wind down on a busy week of news, Steak for Breakfast is back with our new Friday edition of the show. First, Rone & Antoinette sit down with California Secretary of State candidate Rachel Hamm. They discus her background, her motivation to run for office, the political climate in CA and the overall landscape of the battle between good and evil going on in the world right now. Noah then joins us and we break down the rest of Mile Lindell’s Cyber Symposium (Pillowpalooza). With all of the great info and revelations that have come from that event, you have to feel recharged in the fight for the truth behind the 2020 presidential election. We then offers some insight into a few other items including analysis behind incident between Dan Crenshaw and Bobby Piton the other day. Follow the Show. Listen, Like, Rate & SHARE our content. 


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