Show Notes

As August continues to heat up, we’re back this week with an all new Steak for Breakfast. We are joined first by Joe Kent, the former Green Beret and CIA operative who’s running for Congress in WA-3 to break down all of the national issues that are the centerpiece of his congressional campaign. We tackle election integrity, the southwest border crisis & the new 1.2 trillion dollar infrastructure bill. We then segway to the news with commentary and are joined by Comedian / Influencer / Podcast Host: Lord Petty. We begin with a breakdown to the start of Mike Lindell’s Cyber Symposium and go right into Stop the Steal after that. We transition to examining the government hypocrisy concerning the coronavirus and how “The Rules for Thee but not for Me” narrative continues to play a prominent role with the mask and vaccine mandates. We then take a full pause to really break down the ENTIRE Larry Elder interview from over the weekend, before wrapping it up with a little discussion about the new infrastructure bill making its way through the House and Senate. Follow the Show. Listen, Like, Rate & SHARE our content.


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