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We cap a wild week up on Capitol Hill following the expulsion of NY Congressman George Santos and as the Senate Democrats move to derail the U.S. Supreme Court 

Meatball Ron DeSantis vs the American Psycho Gavin Newsom was a flop on Boomer Sweats, Sean Hannity but Tucker Carlson jumped on Rosanne’s podcast and Elon Musk issued a warning to the Censorship Industrial Complex

As K Street, MSM, the establishment and Democrats move to slow Donald Trump’s ascension to 2024 the Republican nomination, Joe Biden quietly looks to add another legislative victory in the form of amnesty to his legacy heading into next year 

Guests: In Order of Appearance 


All profile handles are for X (formerly Twitter) 

Congressman Bob Good (@RepBobGood) U.S. House Representative, VA-6






Congressman Cory Mills (@RepMillsPress) U.S. House Representative, FL-7






Matt Couch (@RealMattCouch) 




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Jim Nelles (@RealJimNelles) 




John Pierce (@CaliKidJMP)


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