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On today’s Episode of the Steak for Breakfast Podcast, we are covering: 


Joe Biden returns from a disastrous Indo-Asia G20 summit to essentially skip all 9/11 memorial services in NYC, D.C., and PA while laid over in Alaska and we provide full coverage 

President Donald J. Trump rocked events in South Dakota and Iowa this weekend and we’re bringing you all the highlights 

As Congress reconvenes America First has put the establishment Republicans on notice and plan to use both the power of the purse and even a motion to vacate the Speakership as tools to course-correct our wayward country will Speaker McCarthy’s announcement of a formal impeachment inquiry into Joe Biden be enough? We break it down

Guests: In Order of Appearance 


All profile handles are for X (formerly Twitter) 

Liz Harrington (@RealLizUSA) Official Spokeswoman, President Donald J. Trump




Josh Hammer (@josh_hammer) Senior Editor-at-Large, Newsweek; Podcast Host 






Kevin Posobiec (@KevinPosobiec)


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Dr. Jeff Gunter (@DrJeffGunter) Former Ambassador to Iceland; U.S. Senate candidate, Nevada 




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