Show Notes

On today’s Episode of the Steak for Breakfast Podcast, we are covering: 


President Donald J. Trump was indicted yesterday in Fulton County by radical DA Fani Willis. We bring you the absolute latest on the developing story 

Hunter Biden is (sort of) assigned a Special Counsel by U.S. Attorney General Merrick Garland and President Trump rocks the Iowa State Fair

We play some 2024 Presidential Primary Roundup where Chris Christie and Vivek Ramaswamy have hurdled Ron DeSantis in several of the newest polls 

Guests: In Order of Appearance 


All profile handles are for Twitter 

Alan Jacoby (@AJacoby1776) Entrepreneur, Podcast Host 




Cigar Company:


Dr. Jeff Gunter (@DrJeffGunter) Former Ambassador to Iceland, Doctor, NV Senatorial Candidate 




Kash Patel (@Kash on Truth Social) Former Chief of Staff to the Dept. of Defense 




Pre-Order Book:


Bryan Leib (@BryanLeibFL) Executive Director, CASEPAC, Newsmax Insider


Organization Links:


Gavin Wax (@GavinWax) 76th President, New York Young Republican Club, Executive Dir. NCLU




Club Site:


Law Site:


Paul Ingrassia: (@PaulIngrassia) Law Clerk, McBride Law, NYC, Board of Advisors, NYYRC




Law Site:


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