Show Notes

On today’s Episode of the Steak for Breakfast Podcast, we are covering: 


We ask the question did the Devin Archer close-door testimony really happen this week, and if so, why isn’t anyone still talking about? 

President Donald J. Trump was arraigned in Federal Court yesterday in Washington, D.C. and we’re breaking down the latest with Save America Attorney, Christina Bobb

We get into round of Presidential Primary Roundup and provide the latest analysis on the race for the nomination from both parties 

Guests: In Order of Appearance 


All profile handles are for Twitter 

Congressman Kevin Kiley (@RepKiley) U.S. Representative, CA-3




John Pierce (@CaliKidCMP) Attorney, Chairman, National Constitutional Law Union


Law Office:


Christina Bobb (@christina_bobb) Attorney for President Donald J. Trump at Save America




Liz Harrington(@realLizUSA) Official Spokeswoman, President Donald J. Trump




Steven Friend (@RealStevefriend) Former FBI Whistleblower, Author, Chairman, Center for Renewing America


Policy Center:




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