Show Notes

On today’s Episode of the Steak for Breakfast Podcast, we are covering: 


  • With Title-42 coming to a close, the stage is set for the largest humanitarian disaster our country has ever seen. We’re bringing you the latest. 


  • President Trump sat down with CNN’s Kaitlan Collins for a historic town hall. We’ve got all the highlights and more. 


  • The progressive media melted down after the Trump town hall, and we’re bringing you the best cope and seethes from the MSM. 


  • House Oversight Committee Chairman James Comer introduces us to the latest regarding developments with the investigation into the Biden Family influence peddling scheme. 


Guests: In order of Appearance 


  • All profile handles are for Twitter 


Congressman Cory Mills (@RepMillsPress) Representative, FL-7




Liz Harrington(@realLizUSA) Spokeswoman, President Donald J. Trump




David Bernhardt (@davidbernhardt - on TS) 53rd Secretary of the Interior


Website (book):


Congressman George Santos (@RepSantosNY03) Representative NY-3




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