Show Notes

On today’s Episode of the Steak for Breakfast Podcast, we are covering: 


  • President Donald J. Trump was the keynote speaker at the NRA Conference in Indiana, we’re taking you through the highlights. 


  • The House Judiciary Committee took their show on the road to NYR to provide oversight into the out of control crime in DA Alvin Bragg’s district. 


  • News Mash: House Republicans celebrate 100 days in office as Speaker McCarthy unveils his new plan moving forward. Alejandro Mayorkas and Joe Biden’s newest ATF nominee face Senate confirmation and Speaker Gingrich talks the 2024 race




  • All profile handles are for Twitter 


Jesse Binnall  (@jbinnall)




Josh Hammer (@josh_hammer) Newsweek Opinion Editor, Podcast Host






Alex Bruesewitz (@alexbruesewitz) CEO 

X Strategies, LLC 




JR Majewski (@JRMajewski) Candidate, OH-9




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