Show Notes

On today’s Episode of the Steak for Breakfast Podcast, we are covering: 

• Donald Trump was arraigned in New York on Tuesday and indicted on 34 felony charges. We outline the biggest reactions and provide commentary on the historic day

• President Trump hosts the first ever Presidential Indictment After Party. We’ll bring you the highlights from the 45th President’s speaking event

• The Biden Regime slipped out the Afghanistan Withdrawal Report right before a long, holiday weekend. We begin to unpack the Administration’s latest attempt to point the finger at Donald Trump


• All profile handles are for twitter 

Tom Holman (@Tom_D_Homan) Former Acting ICE Director, current CEO, America Project

Website: The America Project - Empowering Pro-Freedom Movements

Col. Douglas MacGregor - Retired U.S. Army Colonel, Pentagon Advisor 


Alexis Wilkins: (@AlexisWilkins) Platinum Country Recording Artist, Opinion Writer



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