Show Notes

The Steak for Breakfast Podcast is kicking off the New Year by picking up right where we left off in 2022. There’s a ton of news breaking today and we are delivering two great guests and we’re bringing you the absolutely best political commentary that you won’t find anywhere else.


We begin today’s Podcast with our Cold Open that jumps right into the chaos that’s ensued up on Capitol Hill regarding the Speaker of the House vote. We walk you through the latest throughout the show.


Heritage Foundation Tech Policy expert, Jake Denton joins us today, previewing the tech forecast for 2023. With congressional oversight looming, Jake discusses what’s next for twitter, Meta, TikTok and beyond.


News Block One continues our coverage of the crisis on the U.S. Southern Border. With the 118th Congress set to be sworn in, the Republican controlled House of Representatives have their work cut out for them to put more than a band aid on the disaster along our southern border with Mexico.


Former Special Assistant to President Trump, Theo Wold makes a return to the podcast today. We discuss the latest with the Speaker of the House vote, preview what a Republican-led House must accomplish heading into the 2024 election cycle and what can we expect from Donald Trump as he prepares for the campaign trail later this month.


News Block Two continues to track the growing Mitch McConnell problem we have inside the Beltway. As Joe Biden prepares for his first appearance of 2023 as an event with McConnell, we examine the steps we should be taking to prevent McConnell from continuing his quest to bipartisanly rank the country.


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