Show Notes

The Steak for Breakfast Podcast is heading into the weekend with our big, Christmas Edition of the show. 


We begin today with our Cold Open that takes a deep dive in the antithesis of the Christmas Spirit and Season, covering the latest with the 1.7 trillion-dollar Omnibus Bill. 


Country Music Platinum Recording Star, Alexis Wilkins is back on the show today spreading a little holiday cheer with her hit Christmas single, “Old Fashioned Christmas.” 


Current RNC Lawyer and candidate for the RNC Chair, Harmeet Dhillon makes her Steak for Breakfast debut today on the podcast. Harmeet lays out her entire platform and we ask the questions that others aren’t in this exclusive interview. 


News Block One recaps the Ukrainian President, Volodymyr Zelensky’s tour stop in Washing D.C. earlier this week. We listen to the hottest takes and provide commentary. 


The most interesting operative in the MAGA movement, Vish Burra returns to the program today. We touch on his NYYRC Gala speech, a Vice Panel on Asian Hate which he participated in, and what Republicans need to be doing heading into 2023. 


The CEO of XStrategies, Alex Bruesewitz was back on the podcast today. The firebrand discusses his recent speech at the NYYRC Gala, the current Republican Leadership inside the beltway and delivers some commentary on the Omnibus Bill. 


Tech Policy expert from the Heritage Foundation, Jake Denton returns to the show today with a full slate of topics. Advances in facial recognition technology, Elon Musk and the most recent #twitterfiles updates, TikTok and the latest on the FTX scandal. 


News Block Two recaps the latest on the crisis down on the U.S. Southern Border. We listen to the highlights and provide analysis. 


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