Show Notes

The Steak for Breakfast Podcast is kicking off Christmas week with our first of three big shows we’re delivering to ensure that you’re fully informed heading though and traveling during the holiday season.


We begin the show sitting down with one of Steak for Breakfast’s great friends, January 6th Patriot Freedom Project founder, Cynthia Hughes. We discuss the current status of many of the still detained J6 defendants, what the new year holds for them and their families and how our listenership can still help the families in need just in time for for Christmas.


Our Cold Open segment highlights the unceremonious conclusion of the January 6th Committee. We give an honest breakdown of the legality that the Committee’s criminal referrals to the Department of Justice and what does it all mean (if anything) for Trump 2024.


Senior advisor to the Trump 2024 Campaign, Boris Epshteyn is coming in hot today on Steak for Breakfast. We touch on the J6 Committee’s conclusion, President Trump’s plan to combat Big Tech, the Kari Lake lawsuit heads to court and what Team Trump looks to focus on after the holidays.


News Block One examines the SCOTUS injunction yesterday that extended the Trump-era Title-42 throughout the holiday season. We hear from both sides of the isle as Republicans and Democrats try and push the blame on each others inaction.


Former Actin Immigration and Customs Enforcement Director, Tom Holman makes his Steak for Breakfast debut today. We breakdown the Title-42 ruling, the current state of the U.S. Southern Border, the morale level of the Border Patrol and how to we get back to having a secure Southern Border against.


News Block Two starts off with the leadership deficiencies within the Republican Senate, House and RNC Chair positions, and then broadly gets into the #twitterfiles drops 7 and 8.


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