Show Notes

The Steak for Breakfast Podcast is ending the week with a full slate of news, three big guests and all the news you need to keep you up to date and informed.


We begin the show with our Cold Open examining the two major Trump announcements that came down on Thursday.  Alan Jacoby, host of the Great Divide Podcast is guest hosting with us today.


Former Chief of Staff to the DOD and Special Assistant to Donald J. Trump, Kash Patel joins the show to provide more analysis regarding the Trump First Amendment platform launch.


New Block One deep dives into the CR that Congress passed this week in an attempt to pass an Omnibus Bill before the Christmas holiday. Trump 2024 attorney and author, Christina Bobb joins the show to  provide analysis for this segment.


The official Spokeswoman for President Trump, Liz Harrington is back today providing our listenership with some absolute fire commentary on all things MAGA.      


News Block Two is split between the worsening crisis on the U.S. Southern Border and the radical left's continued attacks on Elon Musk and twitter.


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