Show Notes

The Steak for Breakfast Podcast is back after the weekend with a full slate of breaking news, three big guests, and all the information you need to get your week started off right.


We begin the show with our Cold Open with coverage over the increasing threat of the CCP influenced TikTok phenomena.


Syndicated columnist for Newsweek and podcast host, Josh Hammer was back on the show today. We discuss how anti-Semitic remarks are on the rise in the U.S., how the ADL and it’s current leadership have fallen from grace. We also highlight the best from the NYYRC Gala event in NYC this past weekend.


New Block One returns to the U.S. Southern Border and worsening crisis ahead of Title-42 ending on December 21st.


Investigative Journalist seen often on Real America’s Voice, Heather Mullins was back in studio today. We dive right into the #twitterfiles disclosure, China’s interference in U.S. politics and gains made regarding election integrity ahead of the 2024 Presidential Election cycle.


News Block Two examines how the radical left dismissed the release of international arms dealer, Viktor Bout last week in a prisoner exchange for Brittney Griner. We also cover Donald Trump gearing up for 2024 and how both sides of the isle and the MSM are trying to delegitimize his campaign before it’s even kicked off.


Culture and Analysis Reporter for the a Daily Caller, Sarah Weaver jumps on the show for the again today. We touch on the swing and a miss Republicans had regarding abortion in the midterms, Joe Biden invites more drag queens to the White House and break down this element of the woke agenda.


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