Show Notes

The Steak for Breakfast Podcast is ending the week with a huge, Friday Edition of the show. With three guests and a ton of breaking news, leave it to us to get you squared away heading into the weekend.


We begin the show with our Cold Open that continues to unpack the leadership votes for RNC Chair and Speaker of the House.


Incoming congressman-elect, Max Miller (OH-7) is back on the podcast today. Max gives us an inside look to congressional orientation and his upcoming role in House Leadership. After we learn that he’s scored the behest office of the incoming class, Max leads into the robust Republican agenda heading into the new year.


New Block One takes a look into the latest #twitterfiles drop from Elon Musk via Bari Weiss that leads us to believe that a lot more than our first amendment rights were violated prior to the Space-X billionaires purchase of the application.


Trump Attorney, Alina Habba was back on with us today to discuss a full slate of items. We talk about the DOJ appointment of another Special Counsel, the actual story behind recent verdict convicting a former Trump Organization employee and what we forecast Congress doing to provide oversight and a real investigative angle into Biden, the DOJ and the FBI once they’re sworn in.


News Block Two takes us down the U.S. Southern Border for coverage of the Biden-induced disaster less than two weeks before Title-42 is expected to expire.


News Editor for the a Daily Caller, G.S. Quay jumps on the show for the first time today. Going Woke doesn’t necessarily mean going broke these days, and we’re going to lay out this beyond alarming narrative.


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