Show Notes

The Steak for Breakfast Podcast is kicking off the week coming out of a big news weekend, and today’s is packed with three big guests, three big news blocks and all the breaking news that’s impactful to you.


We begin the show with our cold open begin to unpack the twitter Hunter Biden Laptop suppression disclosure via Elon Musk and Matt Tiabbi that was released over the weekend.


Former Chief of Staff to the DOD and top Trump Assistant Kash Patel joined us on the show today. Kash drops some big Truth bombs on the twitter / Elon / Taibbi disclosure narrative surrounding the repression of the Hunter Biden laptop and how at least one of Russiagate’s key players are still freely operating (until today) at twitter.


New Block One splits coverage between previewing the Georgia Senatorial Runoff Election and the fight for leadership in the GOP regarding the Chair and House Speaker.   


Tech Policy writer at the Heritage Foundation, Jake Denton hopped back on with us today to discuss a full slate of topics. We discuss the CCP ties to Apple and how this is becoming a larger issue as time moves on, the twitter files disclosure, Elon Musk’s content moderation since taking over the app and the latest in the FTX scandal.


News Block Two takes a look at Joe Biden’s trip to AZ - not to the the Southern Border but to visit a Chinese chip manufacturing plant there, Mitch McConnell weighs in on candidate quality for 2024 and Tom Cotton nukes the woke grocery chain, Kroger.


Former Trump White House attorney, Andrew Kloster was back on the show today. Andrew gives us his hot takes on the twitter files disclosure, the current fight for both Republican House Speaker and the GOP Chair and talks about all the good works that he is doing within the legal community, especially regarding a recent event for January 6th families .


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