Show Notes

The Steak for Breakfast Podcast is closing out the week with an absolute banger of an episode - This show has everything - four big guests, full coverage of all the top stories and all the breaking news.


We begin the show with our cold open and are join by the 2024 Trump Re-election campaign lawyer, Christina Bobb. We take a look into the current state pf Republican leadership and potential changes we may see moving towards the Jan. 3rd swearing in of 118th Congress.


Attorney and form 2016 Trump campaign advisor, Paul Manafort joined us on the show for the first time today. We discuss his newest book, “Political Prisoner, Persecuted, Prosecuted but Not Silenced,” covers how he was targeted by the Deep State and forced into lawfare with the government that nearly ruined his life. Paul has his finger on the pulse of MAGA and is staying involved as we head into the 2024 cycle as well.


New Block One splits coverage between the continuing disaster on our U.S. Southern Border and the State Visit by French President Emmanuel Macron to the Biden White House.


The current Surgeon General of the State of Florida, Dr. Joseph Ladapo joined us on the show today for the first time as well. We discuss his new book, “Transcend Fear” which outlined Florida’s comprehensive response to the pandemic, what we have learned since and a blueprint for moving forward while actually following the science.


News Block Two starts off with the continuing meltdowns by the radical left regarding how Elon Musk is ruling twitter, and wraps up with a spotlight on the InfoWars debacle yesterday where Alex Jones hosted Ye and his entourage.


Investigative Journalist, former congressional candidate and the world’s most banned woman, Laura Loomer was in-studio today for the first time. The fiery bust mostly peaceful insider unpacks #dinnergate before touching on the InfoWars episode that aired yesterday and does more than just connect the dots while naming all the figures involved.


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