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The Steak for Breakfast Podcast is back after the holiday weekend with a huge show that’s packed with all the breaking news, fire commentary and biggest guests to get you back into the swing things regarding the always exploding news cycle.


We begin the show with highlighting just how “on fire” the world has been of late. From Maricopa to Río De Janeiro, to Beijing to Kiev it appears as though the world is waking up and taking a stand.


Former acting U.S. Attorney General, Matt Whitaker was back on Steak for Breakfast today. Matt goes over his take on the 2022 midterms and the Trump announcement that followed. We discuss the Jack Smith led, Special Counsel appointed by Merrick Garland and hit on the boder crisis before beginning to unpack the scandal surrounding FTX.


New Block One examines the latest on #Dinnergate and all of the pundits and politicians who are throwing inaccurate narratives around regarding. Elon Musk, and his bid for platform transparency at twitter continues to be the focus of meltdowns by the Biden Regime and the MSM.


MAGA’s most interesting operative, Vish Burra is coming in hot with a big segment on the podcast today. We dive into the reality of the Hunter Biden Laptop and congressional oversight after the New Year, how those investigations could hinder a Biden 2024 run and how Elon Musk factors into all-encompassing this major story.


News Block Two splits between a tale of two leadership races. How does Kevin McCarthy shape up this week in his quest to become Speak of the House and does Mike Lindell (really) need to be I setting himself into the bid to become the next GOP Chairman? We’ll analyze and lay it all out there.


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