Show Notes

The Steak for Breakfast Podcast is ending the week with a big Friday edition of the show. We are packed with guests ato talk about the biggest stories and all the breaking news to take you into the weekend right. 


The Official Spokeswoman for President Trump, Liz Harrington joins the show again today. We discuss the breaking news on the new Special Counsel, the midterms and Donald Trump’s presidential launch announcement this week. 


Our cold open today revisits the Trump announcement to run for re-election in 2024. We bring the highlights with commentary on this segment. 


Newsweek columnist and podcast host, Josh Hammer is back on the show today. We’re breaking down the midterm elections, grading GOP Leadership and possible alternatives and discussing what the Republican political landscape may look like moving forward. 


News Block One canvasses both sides takes on the Trump candidacy announcement. We also highlight current House Speaker, Nancy Pelosi’s statement yesterday outlining her stepping aside from Democrat leadership.  


Tech Policy Expert at the Heritage Foundation, Jake Denton joins us on the show again today. We talk about Republicans next moves on social media, the huge BXT crypto money laundering scheme developing story and what tech policies may be pushed forward in the next session of Congress and beyond to 2024.


News Block Two takes look into investigations. The House GOP prepares to go after the Biden Crime Family. Current FBI Director, Christopher Wray is back before the Senate Judiciary Committee. And to no one’s surprise, AG Merrick Garland is opening up a Special Counsel into President Donald Trump, this time surrounding the 2020 elections (shocker). 


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