Show Notes

The Steak for Breakfast Podcast is ending the week with a big show - Alan Jacoby is in for Noah today and joins Antoinette and myself to deliver the biggest news items and interviews heading into the weekend. 

Our cold open focuses in on the now daily occurrences of Joe Biden’s cognitive decline. Whether he’s getting lost at an event, checking his watch at dignified transfers or summoning deceased Congresswomen, the embarrassment that is Joe Biden has now taken center stage. 

The America First, Republican nominee in the WA-3 U.S. House race, Joe Kent stops in on the show today. We touch his primary victory, the general election race, MAGA vs the establishment and Joe’s prospectus endeavors once he is a member of Congress in January. 

News Block 1 examines the backstory behind the sabotage that occurred to the Nord Stream pipelines earlier this week.  

The founder of the January 6th, Patriot Freedom Project, Cynthia Hughes is back on the show today. We take a hard look at the reality that some of the J6 detainees and their families are going through and looking forward, what our listenership can do to help. 

News Block 2 cover the best of the rest from the week that was. Highlights include: Hurricane Ian unloads on Florida, a look at the recently passed CR to find the government, our continuing preview of the midterm elections, and the current State of Trump World. 

The America First, Republican nominee for the U.S. House seat in NC-4, Courtney Geels is also back on the podcast today. We catch up with her general election race and opponent, some of the hottest issues in the district and how the matchup is heating up as we head into October. 


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