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The Steak for Breakfast Podcast is back following the weekend with a show loaded with MAGA content. Bro buckle up and be prepared to get all caught up on the weekend that was.


Our cold open focuses in on the huge win this weekend for newly-elected Italian PM Giorgia Meloni. Her resounding win is a huge bump for the return of nationalist populism in Europe and in the face of the EU, and we’ve got a full breakdown.


Former top Trump Administration advisor and best-selling author, Dr. Peter Navarro is back with us on the show today. We discuss his latest book, “Taking Back Trump’s America - Why we lost the White House, and how we’re going to win it back.” We have a great segment with our frequent guest. Dr. Navarro, canvassing the book, talking the midterm elections, the influences of both Mitch McConnell and Kevin McCarthy moving forward and the current state of the economy.


News Block 1 covers the weekend that was and the pushback from the media and former Biden Regime officials who predict that a midterm election that focuses on a referendum for Joe Biden could spell disaster for our friends on the progressive left and soon to be former Speaker Pelosi.


America First, R-nominee (IL-6) and current Mayor of Orland Park, IL Keith Pekau was back on the show today. We get a full campaign update, hit on some of the biggest issues like crime and the economy and discuss strategy moving forward down the home stretch.


The America First, R-nominee (NH-2) Bob Burns joins us again on the show today. Following his big primary win in the Granite State, Bob takes us through part of the formula that has led to his campaigns’s success, and what the road looking ahead for the general election entails.


News Block 2 lends signature Steak for Breakfast coverage to the Wilmington, N.C. Trump Save America Rally. You’ll get the highlights and commentary here that you won’t get anywhere else.


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