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The Steak for Breakfast Podcast is ending the week with a massive Friday edition of the show. With tons of developing news, and two big guests capped with an America First Interview - you best be buckled in for this one!


We begin the short with an exclusive segment featuring former Chief of Staff to the DOD and Special Assistant to Donald Trump, Kash Patel. We discuss launch of his new children’s book (The Plot Against the King, 2000 Mules) before jumping into the news. We cover everything from the NY AG charges to the FBI, Bill Barr and everything in between.


Our News Block 1 / Cold Open segment  introduces our listenership to the developing story regarding the NY State AG and the civil charges she’s bringing against Trump World.


Former Special Assistant to Donald Trump and current Traveling Fellow at the Claremont Institute, Theo Wold was back today for a current events segment. We cover a massive amount of information from the death of Queen Elizabeth to RCV in Alaska, the crisis on the border and more.


News one focuses in on the skyrocketing numbers that were released by DHS this week confirming at least 2.3 million illegals have entered in through the fractured U.S. Southern Border this year alone.


The America First, Trump endorsed R-nominee fighting to flip AZ-2 in the midterms, Eli Crane was back with us today for an update. The former Navy Seal and current small business owner catches us up on his primary victory, his incumbent progressive opponent and the focus now on the general election.


News Block 2 drives a line between speaking’s events that Joe Biden and Donald Trump criss-crossed through this week. We get the highs and lows of the 45th and 46th President’s throughout the week.


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