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The Steak for Breakfast Podcast is back after a busy news weekend with a loaded show - A big sit down segment with The Daily Caller, two America First a Interviews and  we’re doing the news with one of our all-time favorite guests.


We kick off todays show with a first time guest,  J.W. Gibbons of The Daily Caller. Our discussion begins talking about the recent midterm election successes of such candidates like Karoline Leavitt. We then segway to discuss how former Obama Admin officials, namely the Podesta’s have returned to the scene in search of more lucrative earnings with the Biden Administration. And we wrap the segment wishing one of our biggest fake news proponents, Don Lemon of CNN happy trails.


Our News Block 1 / Cold Open segment  centers around recent revelations from an FBI whistleblower who states that the only stories that they’re willing to chase at the moment are ones that involve framing Donald Trump and his associates. We also examine the disaster of an interview that Joe Biden gave to 60 Minites this weekend.


The America First, Republican nominee for MA-1, Dean Martilli joins us for the first time today. The fiscal conservative shares some of the biggest issues facing his district and how a comprehensive ground game was the key in potentially flipping his U.S. House Seat come Nov. 8th.


The America First, Republican nominee for NJ-9, Billy Prempeh also joins us for the first time today. The firebrand from the Garden State talks about how nearly 30 years Democrat rule has ruined his congressional district and how his America First platform has him primed for a midterm election upset next month.


We are joined by great friend, and Steak for Breakfast Royalty, the lovely Noor Bin Ladin today for News Block 2. After we get caught up with Noor, we take the entire segment to breakdown the Trump Save America Rally from Youngstown, Ohio form over the weekend.


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