Show Notes

The Steak for Breakfast Podcast is ending the week on a high note, no matter how bad the news cycle gets. We are hosting two, huge America First interviews today, so let’s dive into the busy end of the news week.


We jump right into some current events and get caught up on the busy schedule of our great friend, Ambassador Richard Grenell. We dive deep on his winning bout with cancer and how it’s been being cancer-free for nearly a decade. We discuss how he’s whirlwind toured around the country working with several of the top Trump endorsed nominees. And we examine some of the important aspects of the upcoming midterm elections.


Our News Block 1 / Cold Open segment  kicks off with a full canvass of the FBI raid on Mike Lindell, in a spot we’ve tabbed “Pillowgate.” We then take a broad look at the week that was up on Capitol Hill and how all of the biggest news narratives - from the midterms to the Durham Investigation have something negative to do with the FBI.


Former Acting U.S. Attorney General, Matt Whitaker is back today for an exclusive interview. We canvass a huge portion of the narrative surrounding the DOJ / FBI raid on Mar-a-Lago, touch on Bill Barr, the assignment of a Special Master in the Trump vs DOJ case and his legal perspective on where these topics could eventually be heading. Matt has been doing a ton of work several America First, Republican nominees for the midterm elections and we hear about his time on the road in places like Iowa, Texas, Minnesota and Missouri.


News Block 2 takes a look into the new, “migrant crisis” in Martha’s Vineyard and how the Biden Regime is spinning it to sound like it’s the Republicans fault. We wrap the show with a best of the rest news mash, centered around the midterm elections.


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