Show Notes

The Steak for Breakfast Podcast is back after the weekend with a MAGA packed, Tuesday edition of the show. Big guests and even bigger news narratives to catch you up to speed and ready to take on the week. 


News Block 1 begins with a somber tribute on the 21st anniversary of the 9/11 terror attacks, and the partisan rhetoric from leadership on the left this past Sunday. We then segway to complete coverage of the DOJ’s newest assault on Trump World. Alan Jacoby of the Great Divide Podcast is in for this segment. 


Trump Attorney and frequent contributor on Steve Bannon’s War Room, Boris Epshteyn was comin in Super Hot on Steak for Breakfast today. We touch on everything from today’s New Hampshire primaries, to the DOJ investigations into President Trump, some of the hottest midterm races and a preview of the Trump Save America Rally in Ohio this weekend. 


Jake Denton of the Heritage Foundation joins us for the first time today. We discuss the breaking news regarding Elon Musk clearing the way to make his purchase for the social media giant, Twitter approved, check in on the Chuck Grassley-led congressional hearings today on cyber security and the conservative tech polices that he’s been working since joining the foundation. 


News Block 2 examines all the rest of the latest and breaking news of the day. We’ve got clips from Kamala Harris, Hillary Clinton, John Kirby, KJP and all the rest of the Legacy Media’s attempts to distract you from all the failures of the Biden Agenda. 


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