Show Notes

The Steak for Breakfast Podcast is closing out the week with a big episode of the show that is going to have you more than informed heading into the weekend on the stories that are important to you.


One of our absolute favorite guests and attorney for Save America, Christina Bobb is in studio today for an exclusive update on all the developments in Trump World. We catch up on the absolute latest items before touching on several of the related new hits from throughout the week with commentary.


The host of “Wrong Think” launching on LAF (Live From America) TV Anna Perez joins us for the first time. It was great sitting sound with the veteran journalist and commentator to discuss many of the pivotal issues inflicting our great nation today. We already look forward to having Anna back on the show soon.


New Block 2 focuses in on several of the hottest news stories from the back end of the week. The death of Queen Elizabeth, the indictment of Steve Bannon and The Obama’s return to the White House to celebrate themselves are a few of the many items we touch on in this segment.


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