Show Notes

The Steak for Breakfast Podcast is closing out week with a breaking news-packed edition of the show that’s going to get you caught up on the most impactful stories and narratives heading into Labor Day Weekend.


It took the Biden Regime a week, but by the end of the day yesterday all supporters of Donald Trump are essentially enemies of the state. After his unprecedented and divisive speech from Independence Hall, Joe Biden used his “Fight for the Soul of the Nation” speech to declare war on MAGA. We’re joined in this segment by Mike Crispi for his exclusive commentary.


Former Congressional Staffer, Campaign Communications Driector and The Executive Producer of War Room Bish Burra joined us again on the show today. Vish brought the absolute fire commentary today - going in hard on Hoe Biden’s speech, Republican Congressional Leadership and the upcoming midterm elections.


News 2 focuses in on the rest of the most major news stories to end the week. The Trump legal team is locked in court vs the Biden DOJ trying to secure a Special Master, new educational statistics show that test scores for kids ages 9-11 were most affected by the pandemic lockdowns and KJP refuses to answer questions when challenged on Regime and Big Tech collusion as the evidence that suggests so continues to mount.


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