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The Steak for Breakfast Podcast is back following the weekend with a content-loaded show, packed with all the news and interviews to get your week kicked off right!


News Block 1 is focusing in on the comments made by Joe Biden late last week referring to Trump conservatives as MAGA semi-fascists. Not like we need any reason to head out to the ballot box in November for what will be a referendum on the Biden Agenda, will this be his “basket of deplorables” moment?


The author behind “Man’s World” periodical has launched a new book, “The Eggs Benedict Option” - combating the New World Order via health and nutrition, the Raw Egg Nationalist is back on the show today. What could possibly make for a better segment? Is that we’re joined by the author of the books forward, great friend and Patriot, Noor Bin Ladin as well!


America First, Senatorial candidate in the now battleground state of New Hampshire, General Don Bolduc joins us for the first time today. With recent success in the polls and his commanding double-digit lead in the primary, The General has moved within the margin of error against his general election, democrat  incumbent opponent.


It what’s being touted as “one of the most flippable U.S. House seats in the nation,” America First, R-nominee for AZ-4 Kelly Cooper is back on the show today. Kelly outlines his strategy for his general election race and the keys to securing that in Congress for the fall.


News 2 centers recaps the weekend narrative centered around the (redacted) release of the FBI, Mar-a-Lago raid affidavit. Tying it into our newest Substack release, we’re shaping the Affidavitgate storyline and bringing you the up to the minute news regarding it.


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