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The Steak for Breakfast Podcast is ending the week with a huge Friday edition of the show. We’ve got an America First Interview, two great guests and all the News important to you including full-coverage of Super Tuesday.


The midterm elections had their back third, Super Tuesday this week and no one won bigger than candidates who were endorsed by Donald Trump. Although it wasn’t as smooth as we would have liked it in Arizona, America First ran the table from Michigan to Grand Canyon State and we’ve got full coverage with our cold open.


The America First, Trump endorsed Republican nominee in the Governor’s race in Maryland, Dan Cox is back on the show today. As he takes a victory lap and discusses his evolving campaign strategy for the general election, we get all caught up with the man who stopped the never-Trumper RINO, Larry Hogan.


Congressional investigations into the origins of the global pandemic and the dangers associated with gain of function research. We hear clips from Sen. Ron Johnson, Ted Cruz and Rand Paul in this segment.


Whether it was the great work she did on the 2020 Trump campaign or spreading the America First message as an executive at the social media platform GETTR, Kingsley Cortes loves this country. Joining us for the first time today, we have a great discussion about all the work she’s currently up to, the midterm elections and the state of the nation.


Congressional Inquiries at the Senate level began than week and FBI Director, Christopher Wray was back on Capitol Hill to answer for everything from Michigan Fednapping Case to the repression of the Hunter Biden Laptop.


Former Trump WH Official and host of “This is Your Country” Podcast, Paige Willie joined us from CPAC today. Once we get caught up on her most recent works, we discuss the midterm election and the crisis on the U.S. Southern Border.


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