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The Steak for Breakfast Podcast is ending the week with a Steak for Battle Edition of the Show. Former Congressional candidate Mike Crispi is in to guest host today so let’s jump right into some of the major primaries in next weeks midterm elections.


We kick off the show listening to some recent commentary from the current President and Vice President. If you are down with pronouns and forgot what 1776 was all about, then consider yourself an enemy of the State.


Trump endorsed, America First candidate running in WA-3 is in today, giving us a big update on his August 2nd primary.


Trump endorsed, America First candidate, John Gibbs is back on the podcast today and gives us a last minute update on his race to primary never-Trumper, Pete Mejier.


Donald Trump  continued his tour of speaking events and returned to Washington D.C. for the first time in 18 months to speak at the AFLI event.


Arizona is one of the largest Battleground States up for grabs in the midterms and we’ve got full coverage of some of the hottest races. Trump endorsed Senate candidate, Blake Masters and Trump endorsed House candidate Eli Crane (AZ-2) are both in for a huge segment that outlines their races approaching the finish line on August 2nd.


Boris Epshteyn joins us again on the show for a big segment talking all things MAGA. We discuss the latest three speaking events for President Trump, forecast the dismantling of the Administrative State, and focus in on some of the biggest August 2nd Primary races.


We wrap the show discussing the new GDP numbers and how they all point to that we have officially entered a recession. Hunter Biden remains in the crosshairs of a Congress that’s set to flip in November and Matt Gaetz is teasing that “Winter is Coming.”


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