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The Steak for Breakfast Podcast is closing out a busy news week with a full recap of all the major stories that have been developing. We are also talking everything from the January 6th Committee to the upcoming Midterm Elections and more with our two outstanding guests.


Former Assistant to the 45th President of the United States and top Trade Director, Dr. Peter Navarro was back on the show with us today. Dr. Navarro is discussing his new book, “Taking Back Trump’s America” and how it lays out the blueprint starting with the 2022 midterm elections all the way through winning the presidency in two years. We learn about his recent brush up with the FBI regarding the January 6th Committee the start of the Steve Bannon trial.


In what was a big news week, we have come to learn that President Joe Biden might have cancer and caught Covid. The U.S. House Committee looking to craft a Bill that would eliminate “assault rifles” heats up in debate. The crisis down on the U.S. Southern Border continues to spiral out of control, so much that for a second podcast in a row we hear from a progressive, Sanctuary City Mayor asking that larger numbers of aliens stop being dumped in their neighborhoods. And we wrap by taking a closer look at the overall mental decline at the man who was once Joe Biden.


Journalist and Producer at One America News, Cynthia Kaui joins us for the first time today on the show. We jump right into some of the most major items occurring in the greater San Diego area before shifting gears to an emphasis on the upcoming Midterm Elections. We then chat about how successful OAN has been as an overall trusted news source and how it continually lands major interviews with President Trump, notably his most recent with Chanel Rion.


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