Show Notes

The Steak for Breakfast Podcast is ending the week with a big Friday edition of the show! We’ve got all your news covered and Christina Bobb is here to help deliver. In addition to a discussion with Eric Ziegler and an America First Interview with Eric Greitens, we’ve got everything you need to end the week on a high note.


Former Trump Administration White House staffer and the founder of the Marco Polo nonprofit research group, Garrett Ziegler joins us for the trait time today. We had an amazing conversation regarding the newer information that’s come out from the leaks via some of Hunter Biden’s iPhone backup. We also take some time to deconstruct the Biden Crime Family and touch briefly on Garrett’s time inside the WH and working alongside Dr. Peter Navarro.


Attorney for Save America and great friend of the show, Christina Bobb joins us again today on the Podcast. We spend some time talking about the State of the Nation before getting into the coverage and some commentary for the biggest news narratives from the back end of the week.


The 56th Governor of Missouri and the America First candidate running to represent the Show Me State in the U.S. Senate, Eric Greitens was back with us today on the show. In his last update with us before the Primary Election on August 2nd, the Governor lays out the landscape of the campaign trail, discusses his primary opponent, we talk Geopolitics and discuss Making the U.S. Congress Great Again.


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