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The Steak for Breakfast Podcast is kicking off the week with a MAGA-packed edition of the show. Between two amazing, America First candidates and a Trump Rally buckle up for another fantastic edition of the most endorsed America First Podcast in country.


We jump right into the news coming out of the weekend and boy was there plenty. As ABC News hosted round tables calling for the death of Trump and end of MAGA, Jill Biden was referring to Hispanics as “breakfast tacos” and Joe Biden was blowing off questions from reporters regarding new revelations regarding Hunter Biden. All that as Sri-Lanka falls and the CCP continues to rise.


The America First, Republican nominee for GA-10 on the hells of a massive, blowout win in the runoff election, Mike Collins was back with us on the show today. We talk about the huge success that Mike had throughout his primary season, and discuss the task ahead with focus on the general election. We touch on some of the biggest issues Mike is looking to focus on in fall including: Congressional Investigations, changes in Party Leadership and Impeachment. It was great to circle back with Mike, and to enjoy his successes having been on board with his message since day one.


America First, Trump endorsed, frequent guest of Steak for Breakfast, Joe Kent joined us on the podcast today. The WA-3, Republican candidate discusses the barnstorming season phase that his campaign is currently in and as he continues to Rise i the polls, refuses to take his foot off of the gas. We also are talking the Liberal World Order, the continued failings of the Biden Regime, Party Leadership and impeachment with one of our favorites guests.


President Trump rocked Anchorage, Alaska on Saturday night, returning to 2015 form. We’re breaking down his Save America Rally for Kelly Tshbaka and Sarah Palin and are bringing you every America First highlight from the weekend event.


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