Show Notes

The Steak for Breakfast Podcast is closing out the week, and heading into the 4th of July weekend on a strong note.


We begin the show today sitting down with President Trump’s favorite author and the President of the Foundation for Liberty and American Greatness (FLAG), Nick Adams. It was great having a conversation with Nick who is proud to be in the United States and hear his takes on what is most important regarding preservation of the heart and soul of the nation. We learn all about FLAG and the great work that they’re doing with youth outreach and Constitutional awareness with the younger generations.


We then jump into the news with former NJ-4 House candidate and great friend of the show, Mike Crispi. After a long roundtable discussion on the current state of politics we examine Joe Biden’s recent trip to the G7 Summit in Madrid, Spain.


Field Report for the Daily Caller and journalist, Jorge Ventura sits back down with us today on the show. Jorge recently completed a soon to be released documentary exposing the illegal marijuana grows and cartel activity in Northern California. We then discuss his comprehensive coverage of the Ulvalde Elementary School Massacre. Last, we touch on his breakthrough work covering the U.S. Southern Border Crisis.   


Producer, Content Creator, Political Activist and now Congressional Comms Direction Vish Burra is back with some exclusive content today on the show. Excitingly Vish has joined the America First U.S. House race as the Comms Director for Carl Paladino running in NY-23.


We end the show with News Block 2 covering both the January 6th Committee and the recent Trump Newsmax interview.


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