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The Steak for Breakfast Podcast is back following the weekend with a huge episode of the show! This Tuesday edition features the latest from the Trump Save America Rally Tour and two first time guests who are going to help you get this week kicked off right.


We begin the show today sitting down with the former Trump Administration, Acting Attorney General, Matt Whitaker. We cover a range of topics, stemming from the upcoming midterm elections, the recent Supreme Court Rulings on Roe v. Wade, the 2nd Amendment and the Right to Pray. We’ll touch on the corruption and erosion at the DOJ before ending the segment talking about making Back the Blue Great Again. It was superb sitting down for a conversation with the former AG for the first time.


Donald Trump was back on the Rally Trail this weekend, with a Save America event for Mary Miller and Darren Bailey in Mendon, Illinois. We bring you complete and total coverage as the 45th President rallied the base for these America First candidates.


Current California State Representative and the Republican nominee for the U.S. House Seat in CA-3, Kevin Kiley joins us on the show for the first time today. We discuss the success and first place victory Kevin had in the Jungle Primary earlier in the month, and the pillars of his campaign platform. We touch on a few national issues and the Democrat challenger in the general election this fall.


We wrap the show with a Second News Block that covers the fallout from the Supreme Court rulings that made the biggest headlines over the weekend and with some late-breaking news.


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