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The Steak for Breakfast Podcast is ending the week with a little bit of a shorter show, but with an episode that is bringing the straight fire in regards to content to end this week.


Former Chief of Staff to the DOD and current best-selling author, Kash Patel is back with us on the show today. We are talking about the release of his new children’s book, “The Plot Against the King,” all things related to the Durham Investigation, the Midterm Elections and several, other hot stove issues. Erica Knight, who is working with everyone and anyone who’s “Save America”  behind the scenes, joins us for this segment that is bringing you a TON of exclusive content.


Great Friend and newly minted, U.S. Citizen, Geisha Montes joins us for a big News Block today. We are discussing the enormous amount of news stemming from the past two weeks where the WHO and the WEF elf their annual summits. We play clips from the biggest players in the game and are breaking it all down with our signature Steak commentary.


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