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The Steak for Breakfast Podcast is kicking off the week with a big Primary Election Day (GA • AL • AR • TX) day episode that’s packed with huge guests that are covering the most major news stories and an America First interview to get your week started right.


The Editor-in-Chief of National Pulse, best-selling author; a man that’s been involved in so many things - from Brexit to public speaking events and impactful political commentary, Raheem Kassam is back with us on the show today.  We are discussing the midterm elections, the disbanding of the Disinformation Board and how the administrative state is going on the offensive, so how hard will conservatives push back. We always have an amazing time with Raheem, and we’re thankful that he was able to sit down and share his hard hitting commentary and opinion with our listenership.


America First Republican U.S. House candidate Danny Tarkanian (NV-2) joins us on the podcast for the first time today. Danny lays out his campaign platform, we talk jobs and the economy, touch on the America First movement in this election cycle and how Republicans are poised to push back on the Biden Agenda in defense of Trump-era policies come January.


Two of the men who makeup the brain trust over at Human Events, Chris Barron and Brent Hamachek sit down with the podcast team today. We discuss the news and current events events starting with the overall pulse of nation.   We then get into the midterms and the America First movement vs the current Republican establishment. We touch briefly on the Human Events acquisition of Post Millennial before getting into how everything is racist and the crisis on the Southern Border. It was awesome sitting down and going through a couple big issues with the Senior Contributor and Managing Editor of such a comprehensive entity like Human Events, and we look forward to circling back with both Chris and Brent again soon.


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